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Ice Mobility is Plugged in with the Smartest Solutions

Like its name, Simplifi Connect makes connecting simple.

It’s a convenient device that delivers advanced connectivity, scalability, extendibility, and compatibility. Ice is proud to offer Simplifi Connect plug n play LTE enabled routers. They combine cellular connectivity with enterprise-grade cloud software to deliver easy-to-use tools and interfaces. They’re fast – 150 Mbps. They’re quick to install – 90 seconds. They’re extendable – 32 simultaneous WiFi users. And they’re a phenomenal solution for property managers, businesses, schools, and a host of industries.


• Plug-n-play LTE-enabled router

• Remote cloud management

• Robust routing stack and security features

• Built-in LTE backup/failover

• Captive portal

• LTE service optional

Learn more by calling Ice Mobility: (800)-276-8700

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