Your Old Phone is, Like, So Trendy

Have you seen them? They’re all the rage.

The latest, most advanced, next-generation smartphones are so yesterday. Today more and more consumers are embracing Remade® Better Than Refurbished iPhones, distributed exclusively by Ice Mobility.

It’s not just the thing to do. Remade phones are experiencing a sales boom for some really good reasons. The affordability of secondhand devices, the push to go green, and the slowdown of major technological breakthroughs have all contributed to the huge growth of the pre-owned mobile market. For these reasons Remade iPhones hit all the right notes for consumers. They meet the highest quality standards, are offered in fun colors, come with new batteries, and a one-year warranty.

How big is the trend? We’d say it’s as big as mom jeans are right about now: They’re everywhere! Persistence Marketing Research (PMR) forecasts that the secondhand market is going to reach approximately $39 billion in global revenue in 2025, up from almost $20 billion in 2017. Other research companies believe that the growth will be even bigger. Some think that sales of secondhand mobile phones will expand by 20 percent a year between 2015 and 2020.

So what can we do right now to serve the flourishing refurbished phone market? Take a deep breath, to start. The selling of used and refurbished phones comes with some great benefits. Getting back to an annual replacement cycle among a rising number of users may boost annual sales. The need for further development of less profitable devices will be slowed as attractively priced mid-market options become more popular than higher-priced devices. Remade iPhones may be more appealing than lesser-known, lower-priced options.

This year will be a pivotal one for mobile retailers and processors. Knowing how the market is changing and how devices are performing will force organizations to utilize the most commonly performed diagnostic tests across Android and iOS devices, and to familiarize themselves with some to the issues that affect these devices. It's important for mobile businesses to choose solutions with a comprehensive set of mobile diagnostic tests and erasure standards. To increase satisfaction and ensure data privacy, the industry will have to make sure that issues are found and addressed as quickly as possible and data is securely and certifiably wiped or erased.

Ice Mobility has been an industry leader – even before it was popular to refurbish. Our Ice180TM Reverse Center of Excellence team includes specialists who repair, refurbish, source, and redistribute returned products through end-to-end options that help retailers and other partners squeeze the most profit from their products and create greater opportunity for the entire ecosystem.

We’re ahead of the times already with Remade iPhones. Remade carries the promise of an exceptional level of both aesthetic and functional quality, and they perform flawlessly and stand up to the highest standards.

Even Mother Nature’s.

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