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This isn’t your average thick screen protector that you pick up and stick on your device, it’s much more advanced. Crystalusion is applied as a liquid, giving you completely bubble-free protection at the nano scale.


Liquid device protection was invented by Crystalusion in 2010. It’s become incredibly popular all over the world as a discreet and practical alternative to traditional tempered glass and plastic screen protectors. Providing the highest level of screen protection without altering the look, feel or functionality of you device.


Crystalusion comes with our free 12 month screen replacement warranty, so if your device screen is broken when protected by Crystalusion we’ll replace your screen for you free of charge, in most cases we’ll replace your screen and have your handset back with you within 48 hours!


REMEMBER: you need to register for the Warranty within 14 days of purchase so make sure you visit to register your device!

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