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Your brand is ready to be everywhere.

You’ve built a strong product and brand and now it’s time to scale your efforts.   Your Shopify/ecommerce website can handle the current order load, but it’s time to get more eyeballs on your products. You may even be considering scaling your business-to-business and retail distribution by selling directly on Amazon, Walmart, or Best Buy.

Scaling is great, but it comes with challenges unique to these platforms.  Without the infrastructure, carrier discounts, location coverage, technology, and experienced team to manage order fulfillment, you’re probably looking at major setbacks in terms of inventory management, shipping speed and costs.

Ice Mobility can be a game-changer in providing guidance, solutions, and speed.

Beyond the know-how of getting on these platforms, we offer the following services to accelerate the efforts:


E-Commerce Marketplace and Integration

We provide consultation and guidance to help you select the e-commerce platform to best suit your needs, as well as inform you of pricing, pricing/ commission structures by platform, forecasting, navigating price increases and negotiations, troubleshooting and issue resolution. No matter the e-commerce marketplaces you select, we’ll be your experts guiding the way and providing decision support at every turn.

Listing Services

We work with you to ensure your product listings are competitive and infused with the content and keywords to attract buyers. This includes brand registry, content optimization, product photography, and promotional tactics by platform (i.e.: Buy Box, Sponsored).

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Fast shipping and customization capabilities for orders and packaging with programs that scale with our business.  Businesses are complex, and we can simply handle all your unique channel fulfillment needs.

Real-time Inventory Reporting

We offer one platform to manage all your inventory, sales channels, orders, and shipments, with inventory reporting and tools to avoid stock-outs and analytics to optimize delivery and reduce shipping costs and transit times.

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